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Working together with EJV Tooling means that you have access to numerous competencies: We have more than 30 years’ experience; we update our knowledge constantly, and we only employ skilled toolmakers who solve problems using a craftsman background.

Besides the human resources we have the latest production technology at our disposal – both in terms of IT based development software as well as modern manufacturing equipment.

Our set-up ensures that we have the best competencies to solve any challenge – also yours!


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For more information about consultancy and development, please contact:

Bo Sinding Jensen directly on tel.: +45 2464 4358 / +45 7628 89 42.

Send an e-mail to Bo Sinding Jensen.


For more information about tooling manufacturing, please contact:

Jesper Kjærby directly on tel.: +45 2464 43 62 / +45 7628 8946.

Send an e-mail to Jesper Kjærby.

Tooling and competitiveness

Tooling and competitiveness.
Machined to precision.

Great durability– long lifetime.
Components produced at lowest possible costs. This ensures an optimization of your production and your products. We design and produce the tooling – creating competitive advance for you!


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See our online brochure.

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Tooling for developing technical rubber items

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Specialists in deep drawing

Specialists in deep drawing We are specialists in deep drawing tooling. Deep drawing makes it possible to make components close to final measures and shape which reduces finishing.

Furthermore, a deep drawn component has higher strength than a comparable casted component.


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Quality solutions

AAOsteel Group UK

AAOsteel EJV Tooling A/S is a subsidiary of the AAOsteel group comprising:

· Aage Østergaard A/S

· Brdr. Madsen maskinfabrik A/S

· EJV Tooling A/S



Extended consultancy – based on the latest know-how – and the latest production technology enables us to design and develop tooling with lowest possible costs. Our advanced and automated processes also create competitive advantages for our customers.


AAOsteel EJV Tooling A/S

Fuglevangsvej 59

8700 Horsens Danmark

Tel. +45 7561 1422
Fax +45 7562 2246
CVR-nummer: 19519295


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